EHH car center



Project benefits at a glance

  • Replacement of more than 600 conventional fluorescent lamps with SubstiTUBE Advanced T8 LED tubes
  • Installation of an LED lighting solution matched to the different space types
  • Energy savings by lighting of approximately 63%
  • Short-term payback period of around 7 months
  • 5-year warranty, simple mounting and installation

Project infos

  • Ludwigsfelde, Germany, 2017
  • Customer: EHH car center
  • Project: EHH car center, Ludwigsfelde near Berlin, Germany, conversion to LED lighting
  • Vertical: Industry
  • Application: Lighting of workshops, offices, consulting and outdoor areas
  • Technology: LED luminaires and LED lamps
  • LED luminaires: Spot Adjust; Panel 625; Panel 1200, Downlight; Damp Proof; Surface Compact Sensor, Floodlight
  • LED lamps: SubstiTube Advanced T8 EM UO; HQL LED Pro


The EHH car center in Ludwigsfelde near Berlin, Germany completely upgraded its lighting to LED technology from LEDVANCE. Among other replacements, more than 600 conventional fluorescent lamps were replaced by SubstiTUBE Advanced T8 LED tubes. A wide diversity of LED luminaires was also installed to match the spatial requirements. The result: Significantly improved quality of light and annual energy consumption from lighting reduced by around 63%.


After successfully upgrading the headquarters of the EHH car center in Berlin to LEDVANCE LED luminaires and lamps in 2017, the owners decided to also equip their second location at Ludwigsfelde with LED technology from LEDVANCE.

The car body and paint center in Ludwigsfelde comprises spacious workshops for repairs, a paint shop, a reception zone and consulting area for customers, offices and staff rooms, a car wash and a large parking lot.

These different spaces placed the most varied demands on the light quality of the new lighting solution: The client desired bright, uniform illumination with very good color rendering for optimum visibility when working on the vehicles. The color rendering was particularly important for the painting and coating services. A high level of visual comfort was also a priority at the reception desk and in the offices, at computer workstations lighting with a very good glare control was required. Furthermore, the consulting area had to be attractively designed with atmospheric lighting. Other key criteria for the client were optimized energy efficiency and, due to the large number of luminaires and lamps needed, installation and maintenance that had to be as simple as possible.


Based on a comprehensive energy saver check, LEDVANCE proposed a complete LED solution for EHH car center that best met the customer's requirements:

EHH car center

In the repair bay, workshop and paint shop more than 600 Substitube Advanced T8 EM Ultra Output LED tubes replaced the fluorescent tubes in the existing continuous row systems. The relamping process in the CCG luminaires did not require any rewiring. With their very high luminous flux of 3600 lm and a beam angle of 160°, the LED tubes ensure bright, uniform illumination of the workshops with cool white light (6500 K). Very good color rendering (CRI>80) also supports color work in the car center.

EHH car center

In addition, various new LED luminaires were installed, matched to the respective spatial requirements: LED panels for example offer a high level of visual comfort at the reception and in the offices, and are especially suitable for use with VDU screens thanks to very good glare reduction (UGR<19). In the consulting area, LED spots with attractive accent lighting create a pleasant atmosphere for customers. In the outdoor areas, LED floodlights light the facade and LED HQL Pro lamps illuminate the parking lots with high luminous intensity.

The project was realized in cooperation with installation experts from Elektro Pele GmbH.

The LED luminaires and lamps from LEDVANCE feature particularly practical and easy installation. Each step is simple and logical.

Suat Eyüpoglu, Elektro Pele GmbH


Complete conversion to LED lighting was successful in every respect for the EHH car center: The new LED lamps and luminaires proved their worth in the wide range of applications thanks to high product quality and quality of light—and with a 5-year warranty. The client also benefits from high energy savings: Annual energy consumption from lighting was reduced by around 63% after the upgrading project. With a payback period of just over seven months for the purchase of the LED lamps and luminaires, this investment in good light also pays for itself very quickly.

Better and more attractive light, 100% light output at the press of a button, a five-year warranty and drastically reduced energy costs—we're simply thrilled with the conversion of our lighting to LED technology by LEDVANCE.


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